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Boys from Malalo

Encouraging positive community behaviours
Raising community awareness to poverty and HIV/AIDS  
Providing hope to youth in the society

Lines of work

Encouraging positive community behaviours

Using sporting activities to encourage integration and participation of youths in community centered teamwork
Establishing Football Academy for youths (girls and boys):
• Under 12 -> 60 male & 60 female
• Under 14 -> 60 male & 60 female
• Under 17 -> 60 male & 60 female
• Under 20 -> 60 male & 60 female
Promoting local volunteering within the foundation
Working closely with the schools to integrate the young people back to school
Encourage youth with secondary studies to enroll vocational schools
Include girls in all the activities of the academy
FUTURE: Building a center of excellence to combine sports and education.

Raising community awareness to poverty and HIV/AIDS

Raising community awareness and providing education in the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS within football trainings.
Sponsoring and conducting free-for-all community lessons on poverty and HIV

Providing hope to youth within the society

Providing education scholarships for those players who cannot afford to attend school.
Establishing Girls' Football Academy
Providing hope and developing professional careers in national leagues for those who have exceptional talents in sports
Involving players in leagues in Europe and other organized leagues/tournaments, by means of exchange programs.
FUTURE: Including volleyball and basketball for both girls and boys.