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About Us. Testimonials

Ben Van NesBen Van Nes - Collaborator
United Kingdom

“On my recent trip to Zambia, I was privileged to see and experience some of the inspirational work that is being done by the Malalo Sports Foundation.

The managers and leaders are very much involved with their local communities, managing initiatives in a variety of health and educational programmes and being able to achieve so much with such limited resources. Many hundreds of young people are so much better off and are given opportunities to enjoy and participate in sports, while at the same time becoming more socially integrated into their community.

The work 'Malalo' is doing is very commendable and an inspiration to people everywhere.
I passionately and firmly stand behind them in all their efforts and will personally give my support to all that they are doing in bringing equality and social justice to their communities."

With kind regards,

Ben Van Nes (18/05/2011)

Volunteers's Testimonials

Pedro Almeida (Brazil)Pedro Almeida - Online Volunteer

“I believe in volunteering as a chance to learn and to change our society. When I saw the opportunity to work in the Malalo Project I also saw an opportunity to learn about a new culture and to work with an international team in a global level.

I have a very quantitative formation. I graduated in engineering and after that I got a post-graduation in finance and all my work experience was in very analytical areas. I became interested in the Malalo Project because it allies both quantitative and social issues. I can apply skills that I improved trough all my life and learn a lot about people and global issues at the same time.

The Malalo Project gave me the chance to impact the world as a whole and not just in my own neighborhood.”

Pedro Almeida

Rachael David (USA)Rachael David - Online Volunteer

“I began online volunteering with the Malalo Sport Foundation in January 2011. The organisation's goal and mission of using sport as a vehicle for social change, aligns with my career goal of using sport as an effective tool to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

In the three months I have been volunteering, I have gained so much insight into sport for development and I have come to admire the Malalo team who work diligently to involve the youth in Zambia in sport as a positive, team-building activity, while educating them about poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Rachael David